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Cold Wind by Solmaz Hafezi


The wind that shares my heart is that of cold pain, My soul has fallen from grace and nothing appears the same, If I was to decide the morning again, I open my eyes hoping that when, I call his name, He shall be by my side, And forever our hearts, Will do it’s part, And we shall bury the moment he lied…


When Destiny Called by Solmaz Hafezi

Solmaz Hafezi

When destiny called I did not heed, I stumbled in search of you far too many times, Why should today be any different tell me, I as woman own my need, You as committed to many crimes, The truth is what I plead

Solmaz Hafezi


Fresh of Sunshine

Black Swan Lake

Black Swan Lake (Photo credit:

Black Swan Lake (Photo credit:

Gold ray blistering to my skin, Heat of the candle shinning with in, Virgin heart but sinner with in, Lay down your wepons and try it again,

Blue sky fighting the cloud, Black music Tango dancing loud, Like Christ, I own my own shroud, Tune your guitar and lets play it proud,

Winter near its chilling end, Change of season and so change of friend, Like a kalediscope my abstract tries to blend But it’s only a hand i can lend…


I Feel Black


Cadillac (Photo credit: tony_donnelly)

Cadillac (Photo credit: tony_donnelly)

I feel black, Like stepped on coal, In my heart lives a hole, I dance no more or ever coming back, That lie of yours brought me a heart attack, I’m just your Persian baby, But with you it’s always maybe, Step back, Before I attack, Once again you drive off in your old Cadillac…

Written in Boston June of 2011 by Solmaz Hafezi

Don’t Be Like Jim

Performing with The Doors, Frankfurt, Germany,...Image via Wikipedia

Don’t Be Like Jim, Like living in the moment or sparking the whim, Popping pills, sniffing stuff and shooting, That’s just body polluting, I’ve seen your LA nights, And your LA lady, Barroom fights, Grooving with the shady, Call it a generation, a phase, But I am still here but you in Pere Lachaise, Sure its dirt under a Parisian moon, But with you gone it’s a never ending wound…

By Solmaz Hafezi, written by Jim Morrison’s grave

Stream floating, the water cracking like thunderbolts,

Stream floating, the water cracking like thunderbolts, Red gold leaves fall and I know it’s just death, Will the angst of a winter season rape my soul, Shall I end it all like this poem…

New York City fall 2011 – Solmaz Hafezi

Wind Change

Love Songs (Earth, Wind & Fire album)Image via Wikipedia

Wind change, Love re-arrange, Burden of power, Love sour, Fight forever, Love forever, never, Dirty street, The people we meet, Birds yelling, Men and stories telling, I ache from your eyes, Tired of alibis and lies, You ripped me apart, You stole my heart, But little child, I have broken wild, Flying like a dove, Search for a real love…

Solmaz Hafezi