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I smell the lust dipped in a shot glass,

Shot glass

Shot glass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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I smell the lust dipped in a shot glass, I taste the love of the essence you pass, It’s a hot Chevy night, With tires burning light, Levi jeans skin tight,

Don’t jive me with your sassafras, How long can we really last, Maybe till sunrise, Past all the lies, When you hypnotize…

Solmaz Hafezi



Hybrid pink and white camellia (Camellia culti...Solmaz Hafezi

Dominance Submission Asking for permission,

Leather Lace Our place,

Dance Moan Never alone,

Bondage Discipline There is no rhyme,

Touch Taste Missing you is a waste…

Solmaz Hafezi

Pain Felt by Solmaz Hafezi

English: Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamo...Image via Wikipedia

I stripped naked under the big bright moon, I witnessed the scar tissue burn deeper into my flesh, I was stabbed by arrows of flames from men I never knew, My insides constricted with terror as the face of danger kissed my lips, I know who you are and I despise your need for me, If I had a barrel full of lead I would squeeze trigger, But you violated me, stole the flesh you had no right to steal…

Solmaz Hafezi

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Love of the Week


tuesday (Photo credit: ****the dreamer****)

tuesday (Photo credit: ****the dreamer****)

Monday rain and Tuesday thunder, Brings my soul to wonder, If love is regal and the pain worth the fight, As I own this lonely night, I understand your love I share, Unfortunately I shed tear, Wednesday and its mid-week feeling, Thursday nearing and I am reeling, Soon to arrive and remind me of my Friday wound, In our world there is no Saturday night affair, Nor is there any Sunday fair, I am just dreaming of you and you are not real, What I do not conjure are these feelings I feel…

Solmaz Hafezi

I Dare!

English: Lot and his daughters flee Sodom, as ...Image via Wikipedia

I dare you, I scare you, I wont share you,

Blended pain, So insane, What a shame,

Tall tree, Bird free, Ignore me,

Free-form, Love torn, Hate born,

Shame, Shame, True, True, Flee, Flee, All Gone!

Solmaz Hafezi

I am a Daylight Warrior

English: Chant band logoImage via Wikipedia

I am a daylight warrior flying fast and free through the universe, I can see the world burning below my frozen wings, I can see the running blood of all I left behind, I am a daylight warrior filled with flight but frozen from sinful love,

I chant you forgiveness but your dangerous eyes of molten hate spat me, I chant you freedom but your hard hands of flesh and bone swipe at me, I chant you the opportunity to turn around and become a pillar of salt, But you mock me,

I am a daylight warrior filled with rage, I am a daylight warrior who has screamed no more, I am a daylight warrior who lost all memory of mankind,

My body once heavy lead now of feather and ash, You can beat me with a thousand fist but only kill me once, Because I am a day light warrior never to return…

Solmaz Hafezi


English: darlene portrait 3Image via Wikipedia

Is there a stairway to heaven? Or am I just your black dog? You use to sing “hey, hey, momma” but that is nevermore, There is no bustle or any hedge grove, Perhaps this my last stand and it was a sin to give you all my love, I hear death whispering to bring myself home, I look back only to see my faded days of celebration, In the dark of night you called me Darlene but it was the wrong love call, Many a nights you left me standing like a fool in the rain, But now you have me kneeling before the gallows pole, The truth be told you were always a heart breaker in good times and bad, Hats off to you because I can’t quit you, There was nothing ever holy and our house filled with fighting all night, Its nobody’s fault but mine, But babe I am gonna leave you, Your time is gonna come – heartbreaker…

Solmaz Hafezi